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This is a rockin lil community all about Australian rockabilly, psychobilly, thrashabilly, anygodamnthingabilly... Hell you don't even have to be in Australia :D

Here you can post reviews of releases or gigs, promote bands, tell us about upcoming show, festivals or fairs, tell us about venues, learn about bands and music, meet awesome people, discuss stuff and support local music!

Join us and introduce yourself, and we shall rollick around in the glorious thing that is aussiebilly.

If you don't know what to say in your introductory post, give this one a go!:

-Favourite types of music/bands/artists:
-Something you don't like:
-Something you want to happen:
-A photo if ya feel like it!:

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and some other stuff!

Rockabilly/Psychobilly gig guide

One for Melbourne
Cattin Around

Another for Sydney
Limpin' Jimmy and Swingin' Kitten

Every thurrrrsday night

Australian bands:

Hank's Jalopy Demons - VIC
Benny & The Fly By Niters - VIC
The Detonators - VIC
Andy Baylor - VIC
Delta Speed Deluxe - VIC
Prarie Oysters - VIC
Prison Bound - VIC
Fender Benders - VIC
Satellites - SA
Retro Rockets - NSW
Gator Bait - VIC
Firebird - VIC
The Creepers - NSW
Salt Flat Trio - WA
Nervous Wreckers - NSW
The No-No's - TAS
The Perculators - NSW
Joe Robassa - VIC
Frankie Wants Out - VIC
Men Into Space - QLD
West Texas Crude - QLD
The Ten Fours - QLD
Big Kitty & The Scaredy Cats - QLD
The Bob Kats - QLD
Macarburettors - WA
Brigitte Handley - NSW
Hank's Jalopy Demons - VIC
Straight 8's - VIC
Blue Denim - NSW
Wes Pudsey & The Sonic Aces - NSW
Sky Rockats - VIC
Zombie Ghost Train - NSW
Fireballs - VIC
Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows- NSW
The Nervous Wreckers - NSW
Sinshifters - VIC
Casino Rumblers - NSW
Vessel Of Sin - NSW
Firebird - VIC
Perfect Sin - VIC
Black Lodge Sounds - VIC
Slant 6 - NSW
Macarburettors - WA
The Decoys - VIC
The Bad Moon Company - QLD
The Hybernators - VIC
The Hoodoo Voodoo Dolls - SA
SpagJet - VIC
Delta Speed Deluxe - VIC
The No No's - TAS
The Cross City Switchblades - TAS
Badly Baked Babies - TAS
The Repton County Killers - NSW
Achin' Bones Dan - NSW
The Howling Cat Creepers - NSW
Charlie Greaser - ACT
Crimson Red - VIC
The Quarter Milers - NSW
The Howlin Moon Doggies - WA/VIC/NSW
Satellite V - NSW
The Flyin Saucers - VIC

Any others? Tell us!!!
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